A Celebration

A Celebration.

For not just one thing, but for two. Let's begin with something strikingly obvious. Welcome to the first posting on my new portfolio site. *high five*

Within these pages, I will update and add some of my work, and tell some everyday photo stories along the way. Some information about how you can contact me, and other information about what you should contact me about.

I also periodically update my two much more specific sites, Leader of the Fly and Trackography. Leader of the Fly is my outdoors and adventure channel, Trackography is my human power and horsepower channel. Click in, and enjoy.

So, hey there, and welcome to my new home out here. I'm stoked to have you, and hopefully you enjoy your stay.  

Second, a few weeks prior, I had the great honor of being my Sister's best person for her wedding down in Solvang, California. Quirky little place that Solvang. Tough to find a bottle of Basil Hayden's (but we did it), and even tougher to avoid the Christmas store. A long weekend of family, fun, sunshine (mostly), and just a little time behind the lens. It's amazing how busy things can be when all of the family, and a load of friends, gathers in one spot.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to poke around. I'm jazzed to have joined forces with the SmugMug team, and of course, offer some of my work to you guys, something that has been quite the hurdle before.


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