Bike camping. 

There are few better combinations of two activities, if you enjoy both, that are as rewarding and enjoyable. 

Ripping descents. Beautiful views that are seen without the confines of one ton of metal and glass. You feel the weather, you smell the world, you are in the world. You and your riding companion(s) are your lifeline, your support. Your life, for however long you chose, support on two small strips of rubber, and encased in a few small bags. 


This fourth of July, Sarah and I decided to take some time and bike tour around a few of the San Juan Islands. 

We left from the Anacortes ferry terminal, heading to the island group's namesake. 

In the ferry line, we ran into a few other ride on bike tourers. And as it should be, there is a bit of built in camaraderie with activities such as this, so we got to chatting to our new friends. 

Turns out, they've been cycle touring in the San Juans on the fourth for several years, and they were heading to the same campsite we were. When all was said and done, several waves of their friends showed up, all on bikes, all loaded to the gills with beers to share and stories to tell. 

We drank bourbon, beer, and some 25 year old Romanian cognac. 

I think we'll be joining them next year...

After a stunning morning on San Juan, we loaded up and pedaled our way to the terminal, heading to Lopez. 

We couldn't have asked for a better day of travel. Sunny skies, beautiful water, and the bliss of rolling on two wheels really set the mood for the day. 

Some lunch on the ferry, and we were ready to tackle the next island. 

We ended camping at Spencer Spit State Park, again at a hiker biker site. We couldn't have asked for a better spot to stay the night with no reservation. These spots are secluded little gems. 

Our last stop on the trip was Orcas. 

Sarah's grandmother lives on the island, and after a very brief discussion of game plan. We decided riding up the hill to the highlands was a terrible plan, and that a beer at the Lower was a much better, less terrible plan. 

So, because we're adults and we can just go ahead and do what we want. We ate chicken fingers and had a beer once we got to Eastsound. 

Untitled photo

That evening was spent eating some delicious food, catching up, cleaning up, and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest Sunset. 

The next day would bring the last ferry ride, and home. 

Truly an awesome trip. Spending three days on a bike for no other good reason than you can is just a fantastic way to spend some time. Sometimes just being able to take the time, to stop and smell the lavender, is lost in this day and age. With hypo allergenic filters, noiseless vehicle cabins, and the latest and greatest in smart technology, we often forget there is a world out there, and it exists between the destinations. 

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