Lake Crescent Lodge, December 2016 - Steve Clay

Earlier this month, I finally settled up with Sarah and her promised trip to Lake Crescent Lodge. 

While winter time might not be everyone's idea of a good time on the Olympic Peninsula, there is a certain magic to snow covered ground, a warm fire, a room thermostat turned up high, and books to read. 

I encourage everyone to not worry so much about the cold or wet, and realize that there is attire for the conditions, and humans dry off and warm up again. 

Taking a leisurely track out to the lodge, we stopped off in Port Angeles for some much needed nourishment and refreshments. With our sights set on Lake Crescent, we still made some time for a wander around town and a stop at Swain’s General Store. It’s a fun one for sure, and worth a stop in if you’re in the area.

Sarah found a hat.

The next day we ventured out into the winter wonderland for a quick hike to Marymere Falls. Seeing only one other human through the rain soaked and slipper hike, we were greeted with some charming winter views, but were ultimately glad to come back to the lodge, warm up and dry off.

Dinner followed, drinks followed, the Sounders won the MLS final, all was right in the world.

Sunday morning, the wheels pointed North East again, and back home we went. A short trip, but a much needed one in the middle of the hectic holiday season.

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