Spring Road Trip, Moab, Denver, Places in Between - Steve Clay

This past spring, my better half and I hatched a plan to visit some of my family in the Denver, Colorado area. We thought, what better way to do this, than by driving the 3200 miles there and back.

So, we did.

Neither of us are really piloting what the world would call “fuel efficient” vehicles on a day to day basis. Adventuremobiles, sure, but fuel efficiency makes way for ground clearance, four wheel drive, and room to spare. In the interest of saving the planet, our wallets, and our sanity (from fear of a break down), we rented an econo shoebox with just about as much power as a Briggs and Stratton. We named him Sven, he was Korean. No it doesn’t make sense.

Sven, Sarah, and I shared a great many adventures over our eight days on the road. Making short time of our leg out to the Denver area, but we took full advantage of this country’s often taken for granted ease of travel on the way back.

Bellingham-Bozeman-Denver-Moab-Salt Lake City-Spokane-Bellingham

Often, we forget what sort of a luxury it is that we can just jump in a machine made of metal, plastic, and rubber, put a liquid we can get from a pump in most any town or hamlet pay with a little plastic card, and move ourselves wherever we damn well please. No borders, no threat of conflict or war, and solace in the fact that we know when we come home, all of our things will be there when we get there. Airline travel is fine, but if you want to see this country that you never really think about on a day to day basis, if you want to stop in a town in Montana where the gas pump is connected to the only bar that is also closed for the season, get your luggage off the conveyor belt, throw your single serving snacks in the garbage, and laugh at the cattle in the TSA security line. Buckle your three point belt, and get behind the wheel.

Slow down, stop when you want, see what you want to see, and breath the fresh air that is freedom of motion in a country that is more diverse than you realize.

Or just keep living vicariously through blog posts and photos.

Prints available here.

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